Serving individuals and the small to mid-size business

Consider the benefits of using an enterprise-wide software which closely matches the ERP systems of the giants... at an affordable price!   Consider how David took 5 smooth stones with him into the field to face his competition.   To meet Goliath, he only required one!  But David went to the field prepared... and he later encountered subsidiary targets when facing Goliath's 4 brothers & succeeded!

You realize, as a small to mid-size firm, that competing in this market requires efficient management of your information and processes.   You also generally know what you are looking for in a software to meet your main requirements.      We anticipate you will also have subsidiary ones to reach your future goals and your current primary objective - Success!   Take a look at our Onemaster software solution and learn how it can assist you as you encounter new targets in the field of your endeavors.   Our goal is to assist you in turning your visions into a reality!